Year 11s finding out that they can do!

This group of young people from the North East recently completed a programme with us at Foundation Futures. This is a photo of them after their celebration event.

These young people are packed full of ambition and potential. They are not particularly successful academically. They have been at risk of exclusion and have sometimes demonstrated challenging behaviour.

We began working with them in January and have spent 12 weeks visiting 12 different employers across the NE, including amongst others, Caterpillar and SpaceGroup, they’ve met and talked to inspirational people such as Oliver Vaulkhard and Nathan James. They’ve even volunteered at Groundworks, Bill Quay Farm and elderly care homes with Rookie Sports.

Each young person now has a personalised plan for their future, completed application forms for college and work placement opportunities, each has a Skills-Based CV. Four of the young men have been offered an apprenticeship opportunity at SpaceGroup.

Without exception they all feel different about themselves and their futures.

We’d like to thank some of our 80+ business and community partners who make our programmes unique. We’d like to thank the school for putting their trust in us….and we’d like to thank these young people for making our work so much fun.