Why volunteering is good for everyone

Gain Day on May 15 – has been proven to make a massive difference to local communities.

It also brings health-boosting benefits to employees who donate their time to help good causes.

A report last year to mark national Volunteers’ Week revealed that four in five people found volunteering beneficial to their wellbeing with six out of 10 reporting that it helped to reduce stress. Those surveyed by Citizen’s Advice also said that helping a charity, community group or voluntary organisation boosted their self-esteem.

Give & Gain Day on May 15 is Business in the Community (BITC)’s flagship event when around 30,000 employees from UK businesses spend a day volunteering in their local communities.

There are thousands of vibrant charities and voluntary groups who rely on volunteers throughout the year to help run frontline services, backroom functions or to serve as trustees.  Whether you are interested in environmental projects, working with children or older people, helping animals or fundraising for a local hospice there are a plethora of opportunities.  Here are some of the top reasons for volunteering:

  1. Charities and voluntary groups invest heavily in volunteers so you will have a chance to learn new skills, which could be useful back in the workplace and enhance your career.
  2. Being a volunteer can boost your confidence and personal aspirations.
  3. With cuts in public sector funding your contribution can help voluntary organisations to run projects and undertake tasks that may otherwise be unachievable.
  4. Volunteering is excellent for feeling part of a new community and, as volunteers often socialise, it’s also a good way of making new friends.
  5. Your skills, time and knowledge can help to make a charity’s service users feel more confident and boost their sense of wellbeing.
  6. Volunteering can expand your horizons and enable you to experience people and issues that are outside your usual daily life.
  7. As a volunteer you can make a real difference, whether using your particular skills to help a charity or by donating your time to help with a specific project.

Foundation Futures is taking a group of young people from Norham High School to this event. They also benefit hugely from the chance to volunteer alongside employers and local businesses, They develop work skills, social communication and self confidence, not to mention a Skills Based CV from our morning workshop.
For more information about volunteering and Give and Gain Day go to http://www.bit