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A Girl Like Lisa

May 28, 2017

Lisa is 16 and has both suffered from and witnessed extreme domestic abuse. She now lives away from her abuser but still suffers the effects of the violence she has seen and experienced. Mainstream school has been impossible. Lisa’s anxiety caused her to display extremely challenging responses to the movement around school and the expectations…

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This girl CAN

May 28, 2017

This girl has faced disadvantage we can only imagine She fights her fear and demons every day She forces herself to do things she never thought she could. She’s held lambs and snakes, she’s dredged rivers and laid paths. She’s climbed mountains and hidden in full combats. She’s canoed and painted out graffiti. She’s met,…

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Why volunteering is good for everyone

May 27, 2017

Gain Day on May 15 – has been proven to make a massive difference to local communities. It also brings health-boosting benefits to employees who donate their time to help good causes. A report last year to mark national Volunteers’ Week revealed that four in five people found volunteering beneficial to their wellbeing with six…

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I can’t help think we are missing something….

April 20, 2015

Having read Jane Merrick’s article about Tristram Hunt’s wish for “Skills Skills Skills” in this Sunday’s Independent, I can’t help think we are missing something. Whilst fundamentally I completely agree that the education system is not preparing the majority of young people for work, I think we need a more considered approach which appreciates and…

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Year 11s finding out that they can do!

April 2, 2015

This group of young people from the North East recently completed a programme with us at Foundation Futures. This is a photo of them after their celebration event. These young people are packed full of ambition and potential. They are not particularly successful academically. They have been at risk of exclusion and have sometimes demonstrated…

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You CAN get involved

Provide a speaker

Talk about:

Their company
The job route
Their job
What businesses look for
Training and apprenticeships

Host a workshop

Help with:

Application forms
Interview skills
Assessment days
Telephone skills

Host a day

“Learning outside the classroom days”

Provide collaborative sessions
Host practical skills development tasters
Support ‘ Mock Interviews’

Volunteer days

Take part in team building exercises
Take part in charity fundraisers
Take part in joint environmental projects
Get involved in film / art and music projects

Case study projects

help us to design learning modules that make
Numeracy and Literacy relevant to our learners

Bursary funds

You can can raise money to allow those more disadvantaged to broaden their opportunities through funded trips and visits.


You can mentor and provide work experience for those closer to leaving school. Mentoring allows the young people to identify with a person in work who can help them with applications and interviews.

We CAN be involved in your Corporate Responsibility strategy and to share our good news stories and publicity

Everyone has a vested interest in training young people to be work ready

Our future employees are in school now

The job market is tougher than it’s ever been and those from low income families need more help than most

Most businesses recognise the need to train the next generation in the skills necessary to become loyal and valued employees

We believe that every learner can value their education if it is relevant to them and addresses and acknowledges their needs while supporting them towards realistic and achievable goals.

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