Front line staff training 

  • We have a number of workshops which would suit:
    • Any staff who work with the public Housing Associations
    • Development Companies
    • Youth Teams
    • Job Centres
    • Call Centres
    • Customer Service staff
  • Covering:
    • How to recognise and manage challenging behaviour
    • Managing stressful situations to minimise conflict
    • Managing your own stress and well-being

Price on application.

Our expert and bespoke service

Our training is bespoke to your specific needs

  • It is delivered by experienced specialist teaching staff
  • All teaching staff are fully qualified teachers (QTS)
  • All teachers have current and up to date teaching experience working with challenging young people.
  • All activities and case studies are current and local

Price on application.

School staff training

Teachers, Newly Qualified Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Post Graduate and Undergraduate teaching students

  • Covering:
    • Recognising and managing challenging behaviour
    • Managing your classroom to cope with challenging children and young people
    • Writing lesson plans to meet the needs of challenging children and young people
    • Recognising the signs of distress mental health difficulties in children and young people
    • Supporting the mental health of children and young people in your classroom.

Price on application.

Teaching Placements

We also offer short and longer term training opportunities with our specialist team for undergraduates and PGCE students as well as students of Social Work. Please apply via your university or by sending your CV to