We can support you

Foundation Futures supports the education and training of disadvantaged young people who are highly vulnerable to exclusion and low attainment and/or are already excluded from mainstream education.

After an initial email or telephone conversation we like to arrange a face to face meeting with your key staff to discuss your desired outcomes. After outcomes have been agreed we need to meet the students and have the referral paperwork before beginning the bespoke programme.

Concerned about location?

We have our own transport and manage all learning away from school with the support of our business and community partners.

Concerned about costs?

We facilitate a collaborative approach we can work with you and other schools to identify 2 or 3 from each and share the learner costs.

How we CAN help

We provide regular feedback

We provide evidence of attainment and progress

We CAN provide a range of accredited courses and qualifications

We embed language, literacy and numeracy

Every learner can value their education if it is relevant to them and addresses and acknowledges their needs while supporting them towards realistic and achievable goals.