Foundation Futures Impact Report 2019

Impact Statistics: Social Return on Investment Wellbeing Calculation.

Well-being Valuation analyses people's self reported wellbeing and calculates the amount of money that would produce in the equivalent impact on their life satisfaction. (features HM Treasury Green Book guide)

£842,755 Building Foundations Alternative Education Programmes.

£424,906 Two Community Based Youth Clubs and Holiday Clubs in Byker Wall Estate.

£520,791 Community-based programmes for older people. Friday Kitchen Club.

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Our Community Projects

Senior Youth Club

Our weekly senior youth club was attended by between 15 and 20 young people every week.

We provided a variety of activities and projects as well as a safe place to meet friends and socialise. We provided opportunities to cook and eat a hot meal together every week.

Our themes were; Working Together, Being Kind, Celebrating Everyone's Achievements and Differences, Being Safe and Community.

Junior Youth Club

Our weekly junior youth club regularly had over 25 children attending.

With over 100 children on our register this club was over subscribed. Children took part in guided crafts, games and outdoor activities as well as learning about eating healthily, helping in the kitchen and eating a hot meal together.

Our themes were; Being Kind, Taking Turns, Understanding Feelings and Celebrating Everyone's Achievements and Differences.

Co-op Funded Youth Loneliness Project and Research

20 children and young people conducted research, interviewing over 100 children about what it was like to live in Byker and how they felt about school and activities outside of school time. The results were astounding. The group also put together a book and a film outlining their findings.

Friday Kitchen Club 

15 older people attended our Friday Kitchen Club every week.

It provided opportunities to meet and socialise, share recipes, cook and eat together, we also arranged and funded several outings for the group away from Byker Estate to the beach, markets and Beamish.

Our Commissioned Alternative Education Programme. Building Foundations.

32 young people permanently excluded from mainstream education took part in our year long Building Foundations Programme.

We focus on learning outside the classroom, working with employers and community groups as well as the emergency services. Skills developed include; Team work, Personal Resilience, Problem Solving, Listening, Following Instructions, Health and Safety, Managing Benhaviour, Communication.

Warren access

Number of educational visits

Average attendance

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Number of workshops

Number of local businesses involved

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We have also........

  • Employed 2 new members of staff
  • Made over 100 hot meals per week. That's around 3,900 dinners!
  • We have over 200 children enrol in our youth clubs
  • We have delivered over £110,000 worth of projects in the Byker Wall Estate in the last 2 years.