Foundation Futures Community Interest Company Impact Report 2019

Impact Statistics: Social Return on Investment Wellbeing Calculation.

Well-being Valuation analyses people's self reported wellbeing and calculates the amount of money that would produce in the equivalent impact on their life satisfaction. (features HM Treasury Green Book guide)

£842,755 Building Foundations Alternative Education Programmes.

£424,906 Two Community Based Youth Clubs and Holiday Clubs in Byker Wall Estate.

£520,791 Community-based programmes for older people. Friday Kitchen Club.


Further information and a copy of our latest Impact Report can be provided on request.

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Our Commissioned Alternative Education Programme. Building Foundations.

For any business involved in supporting this programme we are able to provide government recognised Social Return on Investment  calcualtions to support your Corporate Social Responsibility Reports.

For any school or local authority commissioning this programme we are able to provide  government and Ofsted recognised Social Return on Investment calculations to support the evidence of any Pupil Premium Spend.