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Building Foundations Programme (designed and delivered by experienced, specialist staff)

Approved by Local Authorities, commissioned by schools, these programmes support the learning of young people struggling in  mainstream education or those who are at risk of exclusion.

Our unique programmes are delivered to groups of up to 8 young people by two specialist teachers. We are commissioned by Local Education Authorities or by individual schools, groups of schools or Academy Chains.

All the young people we work with struggle to learn and thrive within our secondary school system.

Many suffer anxiety, isolation and mental distress. However given the appropriate opportunities and support, they show resilience, a capacity to learn and motivation to reach their potential.

We believe every child and young person has the right to an education which meets their needs.

All our learning takes place outside the classroom, through a comprehensive programme of visits, speakers, experiences and practical activities we help prepare young people for the adult world through education in the broadest sense.

We can now offer STEM activities through our Make Stuff Team and Music, Film and Podcasting at our new Studio B.


Each programme is designed to meet the needs of individual groups of young people.

We work closely with those who commission us as well as the young people themselves. Our collaborative programmes are based on the soft skill set employers are looking for as well as embedding the national curriculum.

Building Foundations Programme : A Holistic Approach


Improve mental health and wellbeing. Personal safety and personal development


Build resilience, team work, problem solving skills and leadership qualities


Increase employability and work readiness, developing an understanding of employment and training opportunities.


Improve physical health and wellbeing, healthy eating and positive relationships.


Develop confidence in numeracy and literacy, embedded in every day and work-based activities


Build financial literacy skills


Identify future pathways, skills based CVs, work experience, volunteering.


Improve behaviour and support self regulation, addressing barriers to learning, employment and training.

By connecting young people to their community and local employers our programme supports their knowledge of the world and their place in it.

Education is far more than maths and English, we believe it includes personal development and an understanding of how to build a positive life.

Activities and Partners

Young people, now more than ever need a set of skills to move with the ever changing world.

This is why our programmes are constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of the young people, the changing skills required by employers and the personal resilience to cope with other influences in young people’s lives. Our programme also offers a comprehensive range of workshops and visiting speakers from employers to charities, from training providers to specialist educators in the dangers of drugs, alcohol, exploitation, county lines and crime.

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